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Aetna/Newtopia Randomized Control Trial (RCT). Published Results Available. See Study Highlights Now »

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Deeper Understanding

Newtopia is transforming the way businesses engage in employee healthcare and disease prevention, by empowering at-risk employees to take charge of their personal health and sustainable well-being.

Our story began with a mission to understand and inspire...


By introducing genetic testing into our targeted ––highly personalized–– disease prevention solutions, we help participants understand how inherited genes impact their weight and personal health challenges. The genetic profile enables us to design a custom plan that is unique to each at-risk individual.


Aetna Realizes Significant Employee Healthcare Savings Using Newtopia’s Personalized Disease Prevention Program.

Costs Reduced by $1,464 per Employee in year-long Randomized Control Trial (RCT).

Bring Sustainable Health & Well-Being To Your Workforce, Today.
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Premier Thought Leaders All Agree! Lifestyle and Behavior Modification is The Most Economical and Sustainable Way To Prevent Obesity, Heart Disease, Diabetes, and Stroke. The At-Risk Employees In Your Workforce Deserve This Opportunity To Be ––And Feel–– At Their Very Best... We're Here To Help. FIND MORE INSPIRED INSIGHTS IN OUR BLOG »
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To Change
We understand that motivation levels are personal. Some employees may not be ready to make the behavioral & lifestyle changes required to achieve meaningful results. At Newtopia, we qualify each individual ––gauge their readiness to change–– before they become engaged in the program. LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR APPROACH »
bring well-BEING to your workforce

At Newtopia, we know one-size-does-NOT-fit-all.

That's why we develop a targeted ––hyper-personalized–– plan for each at-risk individual based on genetic screening results, personal goals, lifestyle choices, and busy work schedules.

Our approach is new, it's different, and it's personal. n = 1 is how we deliver PROVEN Results  ––guaranteed!

Those results can save you thousands of dollars, in the first year alone...

Bring Sustainable Health & Well-Being To Your Workforce, Today.
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