10 Ways to Fit in Fitness
man walking puppy along the seaside

Regular activity is extremely important to maintain and improve our health – 150 minutes per week, to be exact. We all know staying active is important, however it isn’t always easy to find the time. That’s why we have put together these top 10 tips to help you fit in fitness in your everyday life.

1. Running errands or heading to the office? Park a little bit further away than you usually would to give yourself a 5- or 10-minute walk to and from your car.

2. Have chores to do around the house? Gardening, cleaning, or other household repairs are great ways to get physical. If you live in a cold climate, shovelling snow is also a great way to move your muscles.

3. Block some time in your calendar each day for a walk at lunchtime. Prioritize this time for some mid-day movement. It also will help you improve focus and reduce stress in the afternoon!

4. Follow one of our circuit workouts. They can be done at home with minimal equipment, whenever you have the time.

5. Have kids or pets at home? How about a game of tag or hide-and-seek to fit in some exercise and quality time all at once .

6. Take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator. It’s good for your heart and muscles.

7. Walk and talk – take a meeting while you walk, either outside or on a treadmill to get two things done at once.

8. While you watch TV, do squats or sit-ups during the commercial breaks.

9. Give yourself a bit more time. Make 30 extra minutes in the day by waking up a bit earlier, eating dinner earlier, or asking your family and friends to take something off your plate. Make room for fitness in your schedule!

10. Whatever form of fitness you decide – schedule it and prioritize it. Put time in your calendar, write a note in your phone, or leave a piece of paper on the fridge to remind you of your plan. You’ll feel the benefits of being active and will be glad you found the time for it.

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