10 Ways to Manage Your Stress
woman sitting at desk with her head in her hands

This past year has shown that we need effective coping mechanisms to deal with the heightened stress of daily life. To help you manage your stress effectively, we’ve put together these 10 useful tips.

  1. 1. Get a good night’s sleep. Everything is easier to handle when you’ve had enough sleep – at least 7 hours, to be exact.
  2. 2. Set limits and say “no”. Prioritize your time and make sure you’re spending it on things that matter. Don’t sweat the small stuff.
  3. 3. Keep your time organized. Use to-do lists, calendars, apps, or other prompts to make sure that you’re staying on track and organizing and prioritizing your time.
  4. 4. Make sure you take time for yourself. Set aside time – whether it’s daily or weekly – to do something just for yourself. This could be a hobby you enjoy, or some extra time to relax and unwind.
  5. 5. Ask for help. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and aren’t sure how to get everything done, see if a family member or friend can lighten your load.
  6. 6. Cut back on caffeine. If you’re going to have caffeine, try to limit it and have it before lunchtime. Caffeine can make you jumpier and increase your heart rate.
  7. 7. Get perspective. Take a moment to reflect. You might come up with a solution that you didn’t think of before, or this could provide comfort that things aren’t as bad as they may seem.
  8. 8. Take care of your health. Make time to exercise, prioritize balanced eating, and learn to handle high stress situations through mindfulness and meditation. When you do, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of better health.
  9. 9. Take a break. If possible, take a break from what is causing your stress. You’ll benefit from taking time off, a few moments to breathe, or getting a good night’s rest before tackling the stressful situation – do what you need to do.
  10. 10. Open up to loved ones. Share your feelings and what you’re going through with a friend, a family member, or a therapist.

We all need to find ways to cope, especially during these unsettling times brought on by the pandemic. Your Inspirator can help personalize stress management recommendations to fit your lifestyle and needs. Book your next session using the app. We’re here to help. For assistance, contact 1.888.639.8181 ex. 601 or clientcare@newtopia.com.