3 Reasons You Should Try High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
two people running on the road during sunset
Are you looking to change up your workout routine? Try High Intensity Interval Training! (HIIT). This style of exercise is a short burst of intense activity, followed by longer periods of rest. HIIT presents endless possibilities to improve your fitness. Try our example workout below and feel the benefits for yourself!
Did you know…?

1. HIIT helps you build strength and endurance at the same time. HIIT involves both cardio and strength training, helping to strengthen your heart, muscles, and bones. As well, your metabolism gets a boost and will continue to burn more calories throughout the rest of your day.

2. Work out while saving time. The American Heart Association recommends at least 150 minutes of low-moderate activity per week – but only 75 minutes of HIIT training is needed to achieve the same benefits. If you’re busy, try HIIT to get fit in less time!

3. Spice it up! With HIIT, the opportunities are endless. You can do almost anything in a HIIT style – running, jumping jacks, push ups, burpees, elliptical, cycling, swimming, weight training…the list goes on!

Sample Outdoor Beginner HIIT Workout

1. Walk for 2 minutes (warm up)

2. Jog for 30 seconds (high intensity phase)

3. Walk for 2 minutes (recovery phase)

4. Jog for 30 seconds (high intensity phase)

5. Walk at a light pace for 2 minutes (recovery phase)

6. Continue for up to 20 minutes or until you get too tired to use proper form. Don’t forget to stretch and cool down properly after your workout.