5 Tips to Thrive During the Holidays
pinecones, snowflakes, and pine branches on a painted white board

The holiday season has arrived! Here at Newtopia, we know that this can be a challenging time to focus on your health. Use our fast five tips to thrive during the holiday season and stay focused on achieving your best health.

1. Eat 3 meals. Avoid skipping breakfast or lunch to make up for the large dinner ahead. Missing meals causes us to overeat when we finally do eat. We also tend to make unhealthy choices when we’re overly hungry. Instead, drink water and have a light snack before showing up to parties and family gatherings.

2. Don’t drink your calories. Most people drink more than usual during the holidays. With all the festivities and gatherings (remote or in person), we’re likely to consume more alcohol, soda, and seasonal treats like eggnog, hot chocolate, and decadent specialty coffees. The calories add up quickly to pack on the pounds. Be mindful and fill up on water whenever you can.

3. Fill up on fiber first. When you sit down to start your meal, load up on the salad and veggie dishes first. Greens are loaded with fiber. Fiber makes us feel full and it also regulates blood sugar – both of which can help manage portion sizes.

4. Keep moving. Let’s be honest, despite best efforts, we’re going to consume more calories than usual. So, get active to make up for it. Gift shopping? Walk the mall from end-to-end, then do it twice. Catch up with a friend for a hot yoga class. If it snows where you live, go outside and build a snowman. There are lots of fun ways to burn off the calories.

5. Practice Gratitude. The holidays are a great reminder to count our blessings. Take a moment each morning to list what you’re grateful for. Maybe it’s the people in your life, your home, a favorite pet, or a cozy bed. Focus on the little things.

Bonus Tip:

Treat yourself! The holiday season brings great joy for many, but for others, it’s a time of loneliness and even sadness. Whether you love the holidays or find them stressful, do something special for yourself. Buy yourself a gift or relax in a hot bath. Just make sure to take some quality “me” time to regroup and reset. As you think about others, don’t forget to take care of yourself too.

If you are interested in enrolling in Newtopia, contact us by phone 1.888.639.8181 ex. 601 or email clientcare@newtopia.com to see if you are eligible. From all of us at Newtopia, happy holidays and best wishes for an amazing new year.