Accountability and Coaching Support a Participant in Living a Healthier Lifestyle
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As a goal-driven person, Donna was inspired by her co-workers to join the Newtopia program. Donna admitted that while she likes setting goals, she also sometimes struggles to achieve the goals she sets. She explains, “Having goals is great, but if something tasty comes along, well – that goal is not important.” The idea of accountability with another person, a Newtopia Inspirator, was exciting to Donna. She hoped that she would stay focused on her goals and not ignore them when tempted to make unhealthy choices.

Donna shared that, “Having [an Inspirator] to answer to makes it harder to ignore my goals, so I was looking forward to the accountability. I hoped I would use the Inspirator to meet my goal of an overall healthier lifestyle.”

Accountability Fuels Long-Term Change

Donna described how her favorite component of the program is her Inspirator, Tiffany, and the regular phone and video calls they have. Donna believes these calls are the perfect mix of casual catching up and providing the accountability and motivation needed to achieve her goals. She feels that Tiffany has been instrumental in making this program something she looks forward to, as opposed to a chore. Donna also thinks the Newtopia app is “pretty groovy” as well.

Just a few months into the program, Donna lost 20 pounds. The biggest change that she has noticed since working with her Newtopia Inspirator is a healthier eating style. She now incorporates more healthy fats into her diet like avocado, vegetables, and healthy grains. Donna also works hard to remain conscious about her activity level and adds more exercise after a day of sitting. She is also proud of the small and easily achievable habit changes she has made in her lifestyle, including eating breakfast now and trying not to eat late at night, which have both contributed to her overall success.

Losing weight has been a big contributor to how she feels overall. Donna reports feeling better mentally, not just physically. Donna reported that prior to joining Newtopia’s program, everything ached and she felt “like a 90-year-old.”

When we asked Donna if she would be willing to share her story, she was adamant that we give her Inspirator a shout-out: “I just want to take a moment and recognize Tiffany, my Inspirator. She is doing a great job at motivating me, as well as holding me accountable to my plan and my goals. She has been available to educate, refocus, and celebrate with me on our frequent calls.”

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