Adjusting to a Home Office
a person working on a laptop
As global health concerns increase and in the interests of containment, many of us are now offered or required to work remotely. Navigating this change can be tricky if you aren’t accustomed to working remotely. Ready to stay productive? Ready to transition to a healthy work-from-home environment? We’ve got some great tips for how you can be well and work well from home.
Step 1: Create an ‘office’ workspace at home
  • Create a dedicated workspace
    • No, it’s not the bed or the couch. Not unless you plan to snooze throughout the day.
    • Yes, on the use of a proper table and chair to help support good posture and focus.
  • Create a work ‘nook’ away from your family’s activities. You know, distance does make the heart grow fonder!
  • If your home is not set up for a private workspace and assuming you live with rational people (we’re kidding, of course you do), work out a schedule with your family or roommates so you can have uninterrupted time to stay productive.
  • Avoid in-home distractions: keep the TV off, limit your breaks, stay clear of snacking, and don’t tackle personal chores during designated work hours. Occasional snuggles with your pet is allowed.
Step 2: Get ‘ready’ for work
  • Shower and get into ‘work’ clothes that are comfortable and presentable. You don’t want to be that person who gets surprised by a video conference call while still in pajamas or sweats.
  • Go for a walk before you start your day. Substituting your normal commute time for this “me time” will do wonders for your body and mind.
  • Read the news or keep up with any regular routines you had when you worked from the office.
  • Prepare your lunch the night before and pack it in a lunch box. This way, you’ll have a healthy meal ready for you at your lunch hour.
Step 3: Create a routine and agenda
  • Set reminders/alarms to keep you aware of your dedicated working hours. Remember to disconnect and avoid blurring the lines between your work and personal life.
  • Create objectives or tasks you wish to complete by the end of the day and create an action plan for the week. It should be no different than if you were in the office.
Step 4: Stay in touch
  • Be diligent about checking emails throughout the day.
  • Choose an accountability partner such as your manager or teammate to check-in with throughout the day and to stay socially connected as you manage your deliverables.
We hope you find these tips helpful. Let your Inspirator know how you’re adjusting to working remotely from home and if you need some other tips or inspiration. Here’s to your health!