Announcing Our Industry Leading Outcomes: Where We’ve Been, Where We Are, and Where We Are Going
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Industry Leading Outcomes

We are on a mission to inspire individuals at risk of developing chronic disease to live healthier everyday. We are thrilled to share our outstanding outcomes from our first commercial year, with key outcomes consistent to those we saw in our Randomized Control trial.

We at Newtopia have been on quite the journey…

Where we’ve been:

1. Built the gold-standard precision health platform for disease prevention.

The guiding principles for building our gold standard precision health platform was our belief around hyper-personalization. The key to sustainable behavior change lies in each of us and you must really get to know people – both genetically and behaviorally – to understand what will be impactful for them.

2. Prove that it works with gold-standard clinical evidence

We embarked on an epic 3-year randomized control trial funded by our partners at Aetna.

Key outcomes from the trial include:

  • 50% of those enrolled remained engaged for 12 months, a significant improvement over the industry average of 10%.
  • Participants who lost weight on the program, lost on average 6% of their initial body weight, which is equivalent to 14lbs. That body weight reduction corresponds to clinical risk reduction across all five metabolic risk factors.
  • Average healthcare costs were reduced by $122 per participant per month vs the control group, for a total of $1,464 per participant per year versus a randomized control group. These savings are equivalent to a 2X return on investment in just the first year of the program.

Where we are:

3. Prove that it works in the wild.

It’s one thing to prove outcomes in a trial, it’s even more impressive to get those same outcomes – and improve upon them – in the wild.  Results from our 2016 commercial customers are in line and, in some instances, superior to our RCT results. We have helped participants in all industries ranging from retail settings, factories, laboratories, and corporate offices. It’s our job to understand everyone’s story, to walk side by side with them along that journey.

Where we are going:

Our next frontier is to continue scaling our industry leading outcomes, cost savings and ROI.

We are also exploring more ways to meet at-risk individuals where they are by providing more options for experiences and starting points.

Staying true to our mission, we are constantly looking to inspire individuals at risk of developing chronic disease to live healthier everyday.

Read more about our first commercial year results here

Or email Lindsey Kussmaul at to set up a demo of how we can inspire your at risk employees and lower your costs.


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