Habit Change.

We’re helping individuals develop healthier habits to prevent, reverse, and slow the progression of chronic disease while enriching mental health, resilience and overall human performance.

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Savings Per Participant

In a Randomized Control Trial (RCT) of Newtopia’s program, participants experienced meaningful clinical improvements as well as in-year cost savings of $1,464 per employee.

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Be the Hero Your Organization Needs

You will experience

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Implementation Process

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Adoption Rates

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Reduced Clinical Risks that Grow Over Time

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2X in year ROI
that grows over time

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Increased presenteeism with happy, healthier employees

The Building Blocks of Our Habit Change Experience

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Personal Profile

Uncovers each participant's social determinants, personality, motivation and readiness to change.

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A simple saliva sample allows us to personalize recommendations to affect behavior change.

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Participants are personality-matched with an Inspirator using a proprietary algorithm, which has demonstrated a 99% success rate.

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Smart Technology

Participants are empowered with a customized set of smart tools and biosensors to track achievements through the Newtopia app.

How Much Will You Save by Decreasing Incidence of Chronic Disease?

The benefits you will experience far exceed the dollar savings. Newtopia will help each participant achieve sustainable healthy habit changes. You will be helping your employees prevent, reverse, and slow the progression of chronic disease.

What Our Participants are Saying

Introducing a Few of Our Clients

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