Healthier Habits to Last You a Lifetime

Learn how simple lifestyle improvements will help you change your habits, lose weight and keep it off once and for all.

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Your Personalized Experience

To get to know you and personalize your experience, we look at:

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Personal Profile

Let’s uncover your personality type, motivation, readiness to change and social determinants of health.

Test tubes and dna


A simple saliva test allows us to engage and personalize your experience and lifestyle recommendations.

Newtopia employee


Based on your personality, we'll match you with your personal Inspirator (coach), who will meet with you one-on-one.

Newtopia app

Smart Technology

Track the goals you've achieved, body weight reduction and steps taken for you and your Inspirator to see.

The Newtopia Tool Kit

What you'll receive when you register

  • Achieve on the Go App

    Your Inspirator will share daily goals, tips and video lessons directly to your app. You’ll be able to track your progress in real time as you improve your habits and become your healthiest self.

    Watch the Video
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  • Personality-Matched Inspirator

    Inspirators are health experts who will coach, motivate and inspire you to build healthier habits throughout your journey.

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  • Smart Scale

    Stepping on the scale allows you and your Inspirator to track your progress and check that the lifestyle changes being made are working for you.

  • Genetic Testing

    This simple saliva test is provided to help you learn about yourself and further personalize your experience and recommendations.

    Genetic test and results

What Our Participants are Saying

Meet Our Inspirators

  • Ashley

    Health and fitness has always given my life clarity and direction. I hope to help others pull out their own strengths, step into their greatness, and realize that it all starts with the beliefs they hold in their mind.

  • Martin

    Focusing on my health and nutrition these past few years has been life-changing. This personal experience is what drives me to inspire my participants to achieve not only a healthier body but a healthy mind to meet the demands of their busy lives.

  • Brianne

    My passion is truly helping people find their version of optimal health by providing them with the support to understand their self-worth, build their confidence, and gain strength to make change.

  • Meghan

    Living a well-rounded, healthy life “Newtopia style” has helped me to become a better, happier person. Helping other Newtopians achieve the same feeling of happiness and fulfillment is more rewarding than a post-run adrenaline rush!

At 1% weight loss

Clothing beings to feel looser

Male with a measuring tape around his waist

At 2% weight loss

You'll feel less winded when taking the stairs

Man walking up stairs

At 3% weight loss

Enjoy long walks around the neighbourhood

Mother and daughter holding hands next to a dog

At 4% weight loss

Preparing healthy meals for the whole family is a joy

Woman cutting healthy foods on a chopping board

At 5% weight loss

Riding a bike just got easier

Woman standing next to a bicycle

At 6% weight loss

Your confidence boost will make you more social

Group of people standing together

At 7% weight loss

Increased energy helps to make you more productive

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Get ready to become your best self!
We focus on taking small steps to help you achieve your goals, and we’re here to help you every step of the way.

Please note: The effects of weight loss vary from person to person.