Achieve on the Go Mobile App

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How do I log into my app?
Your username is the email you entered when you registered.
Can’t remember your password? It’s a minimum of 8 characters, and can be a mix of numbers, letters, or special characters. Still not sure what it is? Use the “Forgot your password?” option on the login screen to reset your password.

Do I have to connect Apple Health Kit/Google Fit?
The goals you and your Inspirator set together will only show up in your Achieve on the Go Newtopia app if you are connected to Apple Health Kit/Google Fit. Make sure you can see and complete your goals by completing this step during set up!

Why don’t I see goals in my app?
You will only be able to see the goals you and your Inspirator set together during your coaching sessions or the nutrition goals that you created yourself using the “Create Nutrition Goal” option on the goals screen. Still don’t see your goals? Get in touch with our Tech Support team.

Why don’t I see steps displayed in the app?
Your step count will only be visible if you have a daily step goal set by your Inspirator. You can see how many steps you’ve taken on the main “My Goals” screen for that specific day’s goal. Make sure that you have a device connected that will track your steps.

How do I manually enter my weight on the mobile app?
If you are traveling or experiencing temporary scale issues, you can follow these instructions to enter your weight manually in the mobile app.
1. Tap on the “Weight” tab at the bottom of the screen.
2. Tap on the list icon in the top right corner of the weight graph page. This will take you to a list view of all your weight records.
3. Tap on the “+” icon in the top right corner, enter your weight in pounds (lb), and tap on “Save”.

How do I remove a weight entry?
You can only remove an incorrect weight that you manually added in the Newtopia Achieve on the Go mobile app. If a weight has been received directly through your scale and you would like to have it removed from your account, please let your Inspirator know and they will make the changes accordingly.

What should I do if I see the “No Availability” message when scheduling a coaching call?
When scheduling coaching sessions from the app, launch the scheduler by tapping the calendar icon on the upper right corner of the screen. Select the month and day you want. By default, our app will look to display your Inspirator’s available times. If your Inspirator is not available, don’t worry, you have options. Either choose another day that works for you or tap the “More Options” button to see the availability of other Inspirators for that day. Select a time and the Inspirator to book your coaching call.      

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