What are my Inspirator’s credentials?
All of our Inspirators come from a background in nutrition, kinesiology, and/or psychology, and also receive extensive training across all three areas before working with Newtopia participants. Newtopia’s team of in-house experts also provide ongoing training to all Inspirators to ensure that their training and knowledge remain up to date.

Will I always be working with the same Newtopia Inspirator?
Based on what we learn about your personality and health goals during onboarding, you’ll be matched with a Newtopia Inspirator who’ll be your personal health coach and cheerleader during your time with Newtopia. While the majority of our participants stay with the same Inspirator, if you have any concerns or feel the need to change Inspirators, you can reach out to our Client Care team at any time.

How long are my coaching sessions?
Each coaching session is approximately 20 minutes, giving you and your Inspirator time to set and review your goals.

Can I get calendar/text invites for my coaching sessions?
When you book your coaching session, you’ll receive a confirmation email with the option to add your appointment directly to your calendar. You’ll also receive text and email reminders 24-48 hours before each of your coaching calls.

How do I reschedule a coaching session?
You can reschedule and book multiple coaching sessions directly in the Newtopia app.

1. Tap the calendar icon on the upper right corner of the “My Goals” screen to launch the calendar.
Select the time and day you’re available for a coaching session. You’ll see available times for your Inspirator and/or a substitute Inspirator.
3. Tap on the session you want to book and confirm “Yes” or “No” in the pop-up window.

Don’t have access to the app or need help? You can email your Inspirator directly, or contact the Client Care team to reschedule your coaching call.

Do you share any information with my employer and/or insurer?
Newtopia fully complies with HIPPA regulations, and does not share any of your health information with your employer or insurer without prior written consent.

How much do I pay for this program?
Absolutely nothing! Newtopia is offered by employers as part of their health benefits plans. If you qualified through your employer, the program is covered by your benefits. Not sure if your employer offers the Newtopia program? Get in touch with our Client Care team, and we’d be happy to let you know what is available to you.

How often do I meet with my Inspirator?
We work with you to customize your program and provide coaching at a frequency and duration that will help you meet your health goals. Together with your Inspirator, you will establish how frequently you should meet.

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