Genetic Testing

Why does Newtopia offer genetic testing?
Newtopia Genetics analyzes three genes specifically related to weight loss and lifestyle. Knowing how these three genes affect you allows us to personalize your program to make meeting your health and wellness goals as attainable as possible!

How do I get the genetic test?
If you indicated that you would like to receive a genetic test – either during your registration or via onboarding – you’ll be sent a genetic test as part of your Newtopia Welcome Kit.

Can I do the test myself?
The test is saliva-based, so you can easily do the test at home by yourself. Once you’ve completed it, simply place the items in the pre-paid envelope that is included in your package, and call FedEx to arrange pick-up. That’s it! It’s that easy.

How do I collect my genetic sample
1. Please don’t eat or drink for 30 minutes prior to your sample collection. It’s a good idea to complete this first thing in the morning before eating, drinking or brushing your teeth. This increases the chances of a high quality swab for testing.

2. Collect four samples, using two swabs for each cheek.

  1. With clean hands, open the wrapper of one of the cheek swab packs that contains two swabs. Hold the swabs by the plastic rod end. DO NOT TOUCH THE COTTON TIP END.
  2. Hold the pair of swabs in one hand and rub them vigorously against the inside of one of your cheeks for 20 seconds. Make sure both swabs are touching your cheek.
  3. Insert the swabs into the provided clear envelope that has a barcode on it.
  4. Repeat the steps above with the remaining two swabs on your other cheek.

3. Seal all four swabs into the clear envelope with the barcode.

4. Place the sample into the prepaid mailing envelope, and send it to the lab.

How long does it take for my genetic results to come in?
The lab can take 6-8 weeks to process your results and send them to Newtopia, so try to complete your test as soon as possible. Once your Inspirator receives your results, they will set up a “genetic reveal” coaching call to go over the results, as well as how to further personalize your program.

Who sees the results of my genetic test?
Only your Inspirator receives your results to review and prepare a genetic reveal for you. Once the two of you have gone over your results, you’ll also be able to access your genetic profile in your Achieve on the Go app, under the “Profile” section. We never share these results with your employer or your insurance provider.

What are the genes that Newtopia analyzes?
There are three genes related to weight loss and lifestyle that Newtopia focuses on:

1. FTO (aka “The Body Fat Gene”)
A variation in this gene means that your body has a harder time breaking down and using carbs. If you have this variation, your goals from your Inspirator could include eating less carbs, and/or exercising at a higher intensity.

2. DRD2 (aka “The Cravings Gene”)
If you have a variation in this gene, you could be susceptible to eating food to stimulate the pleasure centers of your brain (e.g. when you’re stressed!), instead of only eating when you’re hungry. This is because your brain may not be receiving enough dopamine, the pleasure hormone. Your Inspirator would work with you to find other ways to cope with stress, such as meditating or going for a walk, instead of reaching for a snack.

3. MC4R (aka “The Appetite Gene”)
A variation in this gene could mean that your brain is a bit slower than your stomach in understanding when its full, meaning you could be susceptible to overeating. Your Inspirator would work with you to come up with ways to eat more slowly and mindfully as part of your Newtopia program.

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