How the
Program Works

Healthier employees means lower healthcare costs, improved productivity and less sick days. Find out how you can bring positive change to your employees.

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It's About the Experience

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    Complete our Online Assessment

    By getting to know your personality type, motivation, readiness to change and social health information we can design the right experience just for you.

  • Test tubes testing DNA

    Were You Born With it?

    We look at a specific group of your genes to help personalize your experience and lifestyle recommendations.

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    Meet Your Inspirator

    Your Inspirator will be matched to you based on your personalities. You’ll meet with your Inspirator one-on-one by video, text, phone or email, whatever is most convenient for you.

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    Get Connected

    Use your smart tools to stay on top of your daily goals, easily track your progress and receive encouragement from your Inspirator.

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    Strength in Numbers

    Join the conversation on Facebook and Instagram to participate in challenges and feel the love from the growing community of Newtopians.

  • Go On and Become Your Best Self

    Live your life with healthier habits. Achieve your goals and improve your health for good.

At 1% weight loss

Clothing begins to feel looser

Male with a measuring tape around his waist

At 2% weight loss

You'll feel less winded when taking the stairs

Person in yellow shirt walking up stairs

At 3% weight loss

Enjoy long walks around the neighborhood

Mother and daughter holding hands next to a dog

At 4% weight loss

Preparing healthy meals for the whole family is a joy

Woman cutting healthy foods on a chopping board

At 5% weight loss

Riding a bike just got easier

Woman standing next to a bicycle on grass

At 6% weight loss

Your confidence boost will make you more social

Group of four people standing together

At 7% weight loss

Increased energy helps to make you more productive

Man at a standing desk using computer

Get ready to become your best self!
We focus on taking small steps to help you achieve your goals, and we’re here to help you every step of the way.

Please note: The effects of weight loss vary from person to person.