Meet Some of Our Amazing Inspirator Team

Our team of Inspirators have all received specialized health training under the leadership of Newtopia’s world-class experts in the fields of nutrition, exercise, genetics, and behavioral science.

3 polaroid images of Newtopia Inspirators together smiling and chatting
Amanda Kirshenblat, Director of Program Operations at Newtopia, smiling

Amanda Kirshenblat
Director, Program Operations

Natalie Celotti, Inspirator Manager at Newtopia

Natalie Celotti
Inspirator Manager

Barbara Matzner, Inspirator Trainer at Newtopia, smiling

Barbara Matzner
Inspirator Trainer

Estefi Matar, Quality Assurance Specialist at Newtopia, smiling

Estefania Matar
Quality Assurance Specialist

Alona Yeshayav, Inspirator at Newtopia, smiling

Alona Yeshayav
Senior Team Lead