It’s time for dietary intervention in the workplace

In 2013, the Journal of the American Medical Association published a report identifying the top risk factors related to premature death and years lived with disease. In the 34 countries investigated, poor diet emerged as the greatest contributor to ill health out ranking other factors such as: smoking, high blood pressure, high body mass index, high fasting glucose and...

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A Perfect Time To Celebrate Heart Health

For the past 80 years, heart disease has been the leading cause of death in the US. Today, roughly 92 million American adults are living with some form of cardiovascular disease or the after-effects of stroke.1 Approximately 1 in every 3 deaths lists cardiovascular disease as the underlying cause, and costs to manage those afflicted, continue to rise. In...

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Behavior Change – The Missing Ingredient in Disease Prevention Programs

In 2009, The World Health Organization announced that 63% of all annual deaths are due to noncommunicable diseases1. We often refer to noncommunicable diseases (NCD’s) as “chronic” diseases. They are non-infectious conditions that progress slowly, last a long time and include; disorders of the heart and lungs, cancers and diabetes. In 2009, the WHO also declared most NCD’s are...

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Personalized Gaming To Improve Health

Within 15 years, the American Heart Association estimates that costs in the U.S. for cardiovascular disease will triple - approaching $800 billion annually1. Similarly within 10 years, half of all Americans will have type II diabetes or pre-diabetes increasing costs to $500 billion annually2. With both heart disease and type II diabetes being almost entirely preventable, the question isn’t...

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Why Instant Gratification Isn’t The Right Approach For Disease Prevention

In the 1960s, Stanford professor Walter Mischel conducted a series of studies investigating instant versus delayed gratification. Now known as the famous marshmallow study, the experiment involved children being left in a room by themselves with a choice to either enjoy one reward immediately - a marshmallow, or to wait until the researcher returned, in which case the child...

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Workplace Health Programs Modify Behaviors and Lead to Long-Term Weight Loss

Losing five pounds only to quickly regain 10 is a disheartening experience most of us can relate to, and one you’ve likely heard your employees complain about – especially around the holidays. Helping your employees become healthier means helping them make lifestyle changes for the long term. Adopting a workplace health program that promotes behavior modification is the first...

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Paying for Quality in Employee Healthcare

Everyone wants good value for their money, and employers are no exception. Yet, in the U.S. we pay more for our healthcare than any other industrialized nation. What are we getting in return? The highest rates of death due to preventable illnesses, like diabetes, stroke and heart disease. As the costs of employee healthcare and the prevalence of chronic...

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Genetic Testing in Disease Prevention Programs

Since the completion of the Human Genome Project in 2004, there has been growing interest in the use of genetic testing for diagnostics, therapeutics and now increasingly for genetic engagement toward a healthy lifestyle. Currently, a few select genes are being examined in some of the most innovative disease prevention programs available to help prevent chronic disease. In the...

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Employers are moving back to fundamentals with workplace health programs that work!

In the past century, medical advancements in the United States have been remarkable. The awareness and understanding of most diseases has excelled with more accurate screening and testing procedures, and pharmaceutical drugs are now available for nearly every condition. Life expectancy is increasing, but at what point did quality of life deteriorate? In 2012 half of all Americans –...

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