Digital Experience

We’re glad you enjoyed digital coaching with Newtopia in 2022 and look forward to continuing. To optimize your healthy habits journey, we’re making some enhancements for the new year!

Program Details:

In order to be a Newtopia digital coaching participant in 2023, each month you will need to complete each of these 3 steps:

  1. Step on scale 8x (~twice per week) OR track 7,000 steps for 10 days, and
  2. Attend a group session (i.e., a workshop or specialized coaching track – invitations will be sent for these via separate emails), and
  3. Complete 1 or more digital coaching goals in the Newtopia app
Please note that if you do not meet these requirements in any given month, you will not be considered a full Newtopia digital coaching participant for that month (though any time you wish, you can always be matched with your own 1:1 Inspirator for live coaching over the phone or Zoom).

For any additional comments or questions, or to convert to live coaching, please reach out to our Client Care department at 1-888-639-8181 or

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