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We’re delighted you’ve chosen to optimize your healthy habits journey in 2023 with Newtopia’s enhanced Digital Experience.

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Achieve your health goals this month!

Research has shown that by developing key healthy habits such as the ones mentioned below, you can improve overall health and well-being while promoting optimal physical and mental health:

  1. Step on your scale at least twice a week
  2. Reach 7,000 for at least 10 days
  3. Attend a Newtopia workshop – these monthly workshops provide information and practical tips on how to incorporate healthy habits into your daily life (invitations will be sent for these via separate emails)

As always, we encourage you to complete any other personal or assigned goals in your Newtopia App.

For any additional comments or questions, or to get back to live coaching, please reach out to our Client Care department at 1-888-639-8181 or clientcare@newtopia.com.