Fall Reset
Fall Reset

Fall is an excellent time to reset and refocus! Whether the kids have left for school, or you’ve returned from summer holidays, fall is the time to revisit your health goals and see if you’re on track. Keep reading to find out how to revisit, re-evaluate, and revamp your goals to finish the year off strong.

Set intentions:

Setting intentions is a great way to break down goals into smaller, more achievable steps. Although goals and intentions are very similar, goals are future-oriented while intentions focus on the present to keep you motivated and consistent.

For example, a goal could be “I would like to eat healthier”. An intention would be “I make and enjoy healthy meals everyday”

Notice how the goal is future-oriented, while the intention is a present-focused statement that affirms your current or desired habits.

Think about one or two goals you would like to accomplish this fall. Write them down and re-frame them as an intention.

Think of your strategy:

The next step is to think about the specifics! Think about how you will accomplish your goals. For example, if your goal is to make healthier meals, what will you need to do weekly in order to accomplish this? What will you need to do daily? Write out your action plan for your goal each week to help yourself stay accountable.

Be proactive with obstacles:

Don’t let potential roadblocks get you off track – life happens! Setbacks will happen. You can set yourself up for success by mapping out an action plan for barriers that may pose a challenge.

For example, if you know you get tired in the evenings after work and finding motivation to cook can be a challenge, you may want to try some meal prep on the weekends to make your life easier. Alternatively, you could schedule in some time to research “30 minute meals” or easy one pan dinners. This will help you come up with some tools to make your life easier and stay on track with your goals!

Remember your ‘why’:

Make a note of your ‘why’ for your goals on your intention sheet and re-visit this regularly. Thinking about your reasons behind your goals is a great way to keep your momentum going. Remember, motivation will come and go, but your purpose will remain constant through it all!