Healthy Habits Become Second Nature with Access to Genetic Testing and Coaching
genetic testing

A Program that Factors in Genetic Testing Results and Personal Preferences.

When she first learned about the Newtopia program from her employer, Rita joined because she wanted to improve her health after receiving out-of-range results from her biometric screening. Rita didn’t know how to maintain a healthy weight and was curious about the information she would gain from completing the genetic testing. She believed that her DIY approach to losing weight and trying to keep it off had been, in her words, “a complete failure for years,” As a result, she continued to gain weight, was diagnosed with prediabetes, and had high cholesterol. Rita’s goal when joining the Newtopia program was to lose weight, lower her cholesterol, and avoid diabetes. 

Empowered by Insight from Genetic Tests and Coaching 

Rita says, “I think the genetic testing was a big part of my being successful at improving my health.” Prior to completing the testing, she didn’t understand the significance of her genetics. Now she knows that she is predisposed to sugar cravings and carb-fueled weight gain and that she also has genetic markers that make it difficult for her to lose weight. 

Rita also shared that she now has a heightened awareness of the negative impact holidays and other food-related celebrations have on her overall health. Realizing this information has led to learning how to better navigate these events. 

The other component that made a huge impact on Rita’s success is Brianne, her coach (called an Inspirator). Brianne remained positive even when Rita stumbled on her journey. Rita explains, “Every time we speak, I leave the session with renewed dedication to a healthier lifestyle. The videos that she recommends are always exactly what I need. During this pandemic, she has been just as concerned with my mental well-being as my physical health.” 

Rita’s Results  

Newtopia’s mission is to prevent, reverse, and slow the progression of chronic disease while enriching mental health, resilience, and overall human performance. Rita’s results are a perfect example of what is possible. She now plans her meals more often and has substantially decreased eating many of the sugary foods and drinks that she used to consume. 

Rita captured the results of her hard work and dedication in the following statement, “When I started this journey, I did not believe that I could be successful in having a healthier lifestyle. I would have anxiety every time I went for an annual physical because my numbers were creeping up. My weight was also going up year after year. When I began to use the tools from Newtopia like the videos, I went from an A1C of 6.2 to 5.6. It was not an overnight fix; it was consistent and purposeful choices. Healthy lifestyle choices became second nature, as I gained knowledge and support from my Inspirator.” 

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