Healthy Holiday Tips

Enjoy this holiday season with a few tips to keep you happy, healthy, and on track!

Eat before you go:

Enjoy a balanced snack before going to your holiday gatherings to prevent overeating.

Start with veggies:

During the meal, fill up on veggies first and leave the higher-calorie foods until the end.

Remember your ‘why’:

Don’t pause your healthy living goals during the holidays. Staying consistent with small habits will have a big impact after the holidays are done.

Stay organized:

Keep meal planning and prepping as a part of your routine during the holidays.

Savor every bite:

Maximize the enjoyment of your meal. Notice the variety in texture, color, taste, and aroma of all the delicious foods you’re about to enjoy.

Get back on track:

One meal doesn’t mean all of your goals are ruined. Focus on moving forward with healthy eating habits at your next meal.

Get moving:

Activity over the holidays will help burn off the extra calories we’re likely to consume. A walk after a meal will also support digestion and reduce bloating.

Commit to one serving:

If you think you’re still hungry, wait 10 minutes before going back for more.

Reduce liquid calories:

Choose water or sparkling water most often. Alternate alcoholic beverages with water.

Practice mindfulness:

Be present and check-in with yourself. Are you eating because you’re hungry or for other reasons?