Holiday Guide: Holiday Health Tips & Tricks

Whether you’re enjoying a festive dinner, a few extra treats, or resting by a fire, stay on track with your health goals with the following holiday health tips and tricks.

Keep It Real This Holiday Season

Practice Gratitude 

The holidays might be different this year. Large gatherings and some other activities may not be safe or possible. Practicing gratitude will reframe your circumstances in a positive light and keep you grounded.

Become Aware

Before the holidays, try to identify the situations, places, or feelings that tend to make you reach for comfort food. Write a list of alternative things that you can do to fulfill yourself emotionally rather than turning to food. For example: read a book, call a friend, spend time with family, or go for a walk outside.

Sleep Well

Get 7-8 hours of sleep. Being well-rested helps alleviate feeling overwhelmed and stressed during the holidays.

Share Your Goals 

By sharing your own goals, you might realize that many around you are also committed to their own health journey. Support each other in avoiding temptations and staying on track.

Holiday Tips & Tricks to Play it Safe

Plan Ahead

Did you know drunk drivers play a role in over 40% of traffic accidents over the holidays? Enjoy a glass, but be smart and plan ahead!

Stay Healthy

In addition to Covid, tis the season for colds and cases of flu. Wash your hands and stop the spread! Drink lots of fluids and get your rest. It’s also a great time to enjoy delicious soups, stews, and nutritious broths.

Burn it Off

Don’t Forget to Exercise

Reduce stress, weight gain, and seasonal depression by reaping the benefits of moving your body. Additionally, after you’ve eaten a big meal, walk it off. The gentle upright movement improves digestion and helps prevent heartburn. You’ll also get your steps in!

Set a Date

You’re not the only one who wants to stay active during the holidays. Now is a great time to include a friend or family member. Keep each other accountable by planning an activity date.

Take it Outside

With the holiday season comes the darker winter months. You may experience changes in your mood, energy levels, sleep patterns, and motivation. Conquer the winter blues by taking your activity outside. Enjoy the sunshine and vitamin D!

Include the Family

The holidays are about spending time with family. Stay active with fun activities like tobogganing, skating, skiing, or snowshoeing. Enjoy a nature trail or get out for a bicycle ride.

Enjoy Festive Foods

It can be extra tempting during the holidays to indulge. By engaging in healthy habits like being aware of the liquid calories you’re consuming (hello, peppermint mocha), choosing your festive food splurges wisely, and practicing mindful eating, you can enjoy some of your favorite festive foods while staying on track.

If you’re looking to try a new holiday recipe that doesn’t break the calorie bank consider making pomegranate and pistachio dark chocolate bark, gingerbread truffles, or baked pears with cranberries and pecans. 

Enjoy The Holiday Season

Don’t pause your healthy living goals during the holidays. Staying consistent with small habits will have a big impact after the holidays are done leaving you feeling ready to take on a new year of exciting adventures. 

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