How to Set Present-Focused Goals
Present-Focused Goals

From Goals to Intentions

Setting intentions is a great way to break down goals into smaller, more achievable steps. Although goals and intentions are very similar, goals are future-oriented, while intentions focus on the present to keep you motivated and consistent.

A goal is future-oriented, while an intention is a present-focused statement that affirms your current or desired habits. To strengthen your intention, ask yourself why it’s important to you. Asking yourself why more than once will help you identify your core values, which will inspire you to see your goal through.

Tips When Setting Present-Focused Goals 

  • Make your intentions part of your daily routine! Write them down and review them daily to stay focused and motivated. 
  • Revisit your intentions regularly. As your goals change, so will your intentions; refining is okay! 
  • If you lack motivation, refer to your core values to remind yourself why you’re working towards your goals. 

Putting it into Action

  1. Write 1 or 2 goals you’d like to focus on.
  2. Once you have your goal, reframe it as an intention.
  3. Use the Downward Arrow Technique to explore why this intention is important to you. For each answer, ask yourself why again. Do this until you identify a feeling or core value. Challenge yourself to dig deep and ask yourself why at least 3 times. 
, How to Set Present-Focused Goals

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