Identifying the Right Benefits to Enrich Mental Health of Employee Populations
enrich mental health

According to the CDC, “experiencing stress, isolation, loss, or systemic social inequities is harmful to the health of Americans. Improving emotional well-being, social connectedness, and resiliency through research-based health promotion and prevention programs is critical to population health.” 

As we continue to find our new normal, employees continue to need help getting back on track before the physical and mental impact of the pandemic turns into new or worsening chronic conditions.
The challenge for employers is finding the right benefits to offer that can enrich the mental health of their employee populations. According to the CDC, the most effective workplace health and well-being benefits are those that are “targeted to the specific employee population, suiting the worksite, employee needs, and personal and organizational health goals.”

Newtopia Collaborates with One of the World’s Largest Brand-Name Apparel Companies to Support Whole Person Health and Enrich Mental Well-Being

With a focus on preventing, slowing and reversing chronic disease, Newtopia recently expanded its relationship with one of the world’s largest brand-name apparel companies and a global leader in jeans wear. Through this expanded partnership, the apparel company will leverage Newtopia’s habit change platform for improving employee mental health outcomes to reduce the costs of care.

Since 2019, Newtopia and its renowned apparel company partner have achieved outstanding results in reducing employees’ physical risks associated with the metabolic disease as well as the corresponding development and progression of obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke. Of the 39% of individuals achieving greater than 5% weight loss, the average reduction was an impressive 10.1% of body weight. In addition, overall engagement after 12 months topped 80%. Beginning in June 2022, the renowned apparel company will use Newtopia’s habit change platform specifically to increase employee mental resilience and prevent pandemic-fostered burnout. The initial Phase One population subset will comprise individuals who self-identify through an online assessment/opt-in or have been newly diagnosed with low acuity anxiety or depression. Over time, Newtopia expects to have opportunities to expand the program and other potential offerings.

With a focus on cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) for symptom relief through habit change, each hyper-personalized program will leverage social determinants of health, behavioral genetics, personal goals, personality assessment and baseline health metrics to provide a whole person approach to physical and mental health. Individuals will be personality-matched with health coaches, called Inspirators, who help them make lifestyle changes that last – ultimately lowering their risk for chronic disease while improving mental health.

Using the rigorously tested, evidence-based Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System (PROMIS®) developed by the NIH, the solution will assess participants’ progress on five key dimensions: mood, anxiety, sleep, energy and resilience. In the event PROMIS® scores reveal severity above-defined thresholds, a Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ 8/9) and a Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD-7) assessment will be administered, followed by referral to a behavioral health provider or primary care physician. 

“Whole person health is more important than ever,” noted Dr. Karyn Hood, Head of Behavior & Mental Health for Newtopia.  “Due to the global pandemic, the prevalence of depression and anxiety is substantial and pervasive. As employee populations begin to heal, particular attention needs to be paid to the mental health component of wellbeing. Newtopia is proud to be an integral part of that healing process.”

Unique Access to Mental Health Coaching 

Rita, a Newtopia participant shared that she believes her success is largely due to Brianne, her health coach (called an Inspirator). Brianne remained positive even when Rita stumbled on her journey. Rita explains, “Every time we spoke, I left the session with renewed dedication to a healthier lifestyle. The videos that she recommended were always exactly what I need. During this pandemic, she has been just as concerned with my mental well-being as my physical health.” 

A Better Approach

According to the National Wellness Institute, “WELLNESS has different meanings for different populations. The first step towards an effective wellness program is understanding what it means to your audience.” This is especially important now as we evaluate the toll the pandemic has taken on employees’ physical health and mental well-being and determine how best to help employees repair and restore their lives in a way that is meaningful to them. The challenge was great before the pandemic and it’s even greater now. 

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