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With a person-centered approach that combines virtual care, digital tools, connected devices and actionable data science, Newtopia delivers sustainable clinical and financial outcomes.

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StifelJustin Keywood, CFAjkeywood@stifel.comToronto
Bloom BurtonPrasath Pandurangan MBBS, CFAppandurangan@bloomburton.comToronto

Jeff Ruby, Newtopia Inc. on TMX C-Suite At The Open

Newtopia’s True North from Founder & CEO


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Press Releases

Newtopia announces upsize of previously announced bought deal to C$7.5 Million
Newtopia announces C$5 Million Bought Deal Offering
Newtopia Signs Binding Agreement for C$5 Million Operating Facility with a Leading Canadian Schedule 1 Bank
Newtopia to Present at the LD 500 Virtual Conference on September 3, 2020
Newtopia Releases Product Suite to Prevent, Reverse, and Slow the Progression of Chronic Disease within Large Employer and Health Plan Populations
Newtopia Reports Record Second Quarter 2020 Financial Results
Newtopia’s Client List Expands
Newtopia Reports Record First Quarter 2020 Financial Results

Reports & Filings

Second Quarter 2020 Financial Results

Press Release

First Quarter 2020 Financial Results

Press Release

Condensed Interim Financial Statements of NEWTOPIA INC.

For the Nine Months Ended September 30, 2019 and 2018 (Unaudited)

Audited Annual Financial Statements

For the years ended December 21, 2018 and 2017


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