Leveraging a Whole Health Platform to Prevent, Slow and Reverse Progression of Musculoskeletal Issues in Employee Populations
Musculoskeletal Issues in Employee Populations

Newtopia’s evidence-based platform helps individuals live healthier, longer lives by replacing unhealthy behaviors that often lead to health conditions – such as Type 2 diabetes, obesity, heart disease, anxiety, musculoskeletal issues, and other chronic diseases – with healthy habits. We do this by providing hyper-personalized programs that make it easier for people to live their very best, healthiest life. Our third-party validated outcomes demonstrate the effectiveness of these programs.

The Musculoskeletal System’s Role in Health Management

While musculoskeletal issues don’t always seem serious, the chronic and sometimes debilitating pain and limited movement that usually accompany them can decrease quality of life and cause difficulty in daily activities. The musculoskeletal system not only helps the body move, but also works to support the body’s weight and maintain posture. Aging, a sedentary lifestyle, and lack of musculature often lead to problems with the musculoskeletal system. Focusing on the health of the musculoskeletal system from a whole body wellness perspective, such as maintaining a healthy weight, regular exercise, and a balanced diet, can counter these pain and movement challenges effectively.

Utilizing Newtopia’s Platform to Reach Health Goals

Newtopia offers a clinically proven platform of individualized, healthy habit programs that combine innovative technology with personal health coaches, known as Inspirators. Inspirators help to motivate participants while encouraging engagement. A hyper-personalized plan based on behavior and genetics, remote participant monitoring data, motivational one-on-one sessions, and the input of specialists in nutrition, exercise, and mental health, all help to create sustainable positive health behaviors that soon become part of daily life – with tangible results. 76% of participants lose weight and 31% see an improvement in their mental health.

What’s more,70% of Newtopia participants were found to remain engaged over 12 months, while 58% remained engaged over 24+ months. The 90% participant satisfaction rate speaks for itself – not only are participants getting healthier, but they’re enjoying the process.

Healthier, Longer Lives 

Newtopia’s evidence-based approach helps prevent, slow, and reverse the progression of chronic disease, improving individual health while empowering organizations to reach their at-risk population members. Addressing whole-person health, from weight management to musculoskeletal health, is vital to seeing long-term results and success. Our goal is to inspire people to make healthy living not just a choice, but a lifestyle. 

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