Maximizing Your Energy
Maximize Your Energy

Managing your energy is like increasing the gas mileage in your car. If you drive a long distance without refueling, eventually your car will run out of gas. In the same way, if you push yourself too hard, you run the risk of burning out.

Having more energy improves your physical and mental health, increases productivity and helps you build stronger relationships with others. Keep reading for tips to help increase your energy:

Avoid skipping meals

Eating regular nutritious meals and snacks keeps blood sugar levels stable and helps fuel your day.

Increase your physical activity

Take 10 minutes to stretch or go for a walk. It will have an energizing effect!

Get outside

Spend time in nature to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine to enhance your mood and energy!

Drink more water

Aim for 6-8 glasses per day to keep you alert.

Slow down your breathing

Alternate between inhaling and exhaling for a count of 3-4. Do this for a few minutes a day to renew and recharge.

Listen to music

Music can energize and uplift you! Listen to upbeat music while you’re walking, driving, or at home.

Try essential oils

Diffuse essential oils like peppermint and citrus, or look for roll-on options for an uplifting effect.

Reduce clutter

Dedicate some time to clearing out your work, living and digital spaces. This will decrease stress and increase productivity.

Complete tasks strategically

Group similar tasks together and complete them in batches. It’s more efficient and reduces mental fatigue.

Don’t procrastinate

Putting off a task can increase feelings of stress, anxiety and dread. Set a timer for 5 minutes and start working on the project you’ve been putting off!

Take breaks often

Step away from your desk and screens during the day to recharge and improve your focus.

Set firm boundaries

Say ‘no’ to unnecessary tasks to make more time for you.