Newtopia Announces CDC Recognition
Recognized by the CDC as an Alternative DPP

In spring of 2020, Newtopia was notified that the company had earned Full CDC recognition as an alternative curriculum for our diabetes prevention program from the United States Department of Health & Human Services.   

This designation is reserved for programs that have effectively delivered a quality, evidence-based program that meets all CDC recognition standards. We are excited that our lifestyle change program makes an invaluable contribution to the prevention of type 2 diabetes, both in our community and nationally.  

Ann Albright, Ph.D., RDN, who was the Director of the CDC’s Diabetes Prevention Recognition Program stated, “It is immensely gratifying to see the science of diabetes prevention being implemented to improve the public’s health. You and your colleagues should be extremely proud of this accomplishment. It is programs like yours that turn the tide in the fight against the epidemic of type 2 diabetes. Thank you for all that you are doing and for your commitment to reducing the preventable burden of diabetes in the U.S.” 

What Makes Our Program Unique  

Newtopia offers a unique program that incorporates genetic testing, behavioral, social characteristics, and personal preferences to customize the participant’s journey in preventing the onset of type 2 diabetes and other chronic disease. Newtopia invites at-risk employees to complete a personal profile, and take the genetic test (optional). A personality-matched coach, who we call an Inspirator, engages the participant and provides personalized support for improvement in nutrition, exercise, and well-being. Our technology also enables habit change. Our propriety mobile app provides support 24/7, wearables and e-scales give feedback, engaging gaming, and a supportive online social community help keep participants motivated. 

We look specifically at different genes associated with how quickly the person’s body breaks down fat, the gene that regulates how quickly they feel full, and the gene that regulates dopamine, which reduces stress-related cravings for unhealthy foods. 

 We are proud that our program has demonstrated standards that reflect a level of quality great enough to be recognized by the CDC.   

Moving Forward 

As our organization continues to grow, we are honored to have Full CDC Recognition for our program. We are committed to keeping our mission of helping individuals with our one-size-fits-one program to support national efforts to prevent type 2 diabetes and other chronic diseases.  

To learn more about Newtopia’s tech-enabled disease prevention program, click here