Newtopia Launches New Engagement Platform and Brand Refresh While Combating Costly Chronic Conditions

TORONTO, July 20, 2022 /CNW/ – Newtopia Inc. (“Newtopia” or the “Company“) (TSXV: NEWU) (OTCQB: NEWUF), a tech-enabled whole health platform creating sustainable habits that prevent, slow, and reverse chronic disease, today announced the launch of a new engagement platform and brand refresh. The new platform, which includes a state-of-the-art participant experience and streamlined website, creates personalized programs to combat the onset or slow/reverse development of key chronic conditions including: metabolic disease, diabetes, mental health disorders, hypertension, weight management and musculoskeletal conditions. Through seamless integrations and tech-enabled service efficiencies, Newtopia’s updated platform provides capabilities that close gaps in care, further enhancing Newtopia’s ongoing expansion within the health plans arena. 

Offered by leading employers and health plan innovators throughout North America, Newtopia focuses on developing sustainable, healthy habits through clinically proven behavior change. The Company’s new engagement platform and app, featuring advanced application design, is an integral component of the participant experience, which is steeped in the philosophy of humans-helping-humans enabled by technology. Participants now also have access to Newtopia’s proprietary Habit Change Index (HCI) with which they can manage their progress and recognize their achievements.

“With the launch of Newtopia’s new engagement platform, we’re building on over a decade of pioneering work in personalization and behavioral genetics in an effort to replace unhealthy behaviors with sustainable healthy habits that combat chronic diseases. If left unchecked, physical and mental risk factors continue to evolve and result in excessively high costs of care that our growing base of risk bearing partners – including employers and health plans – are anxious to contain,” said Jeff Ruby, Founder and CEO of Newtopia. 

Ruby continued, “Our Habit Change Index leverages a plethora of data about activity level, sleep, stress, meals, mood, coaching sessions and goal adherence. For our participants, the result is increased resilience and reduced prevalence of chronic disease. For our risk bearing partners, the result is reduced costs of care and a healthier, happier set of members or employees. Last, but not least, for Newtopia, the result is improved operational and technological efficiencies ultimately leading to enhanced margins for our business that will enable us to continue to grow and expand over time.” 

Each participant is paired with a dedicated health coach or Inspirator who takes time to learn their unique well-being needs, challenges, preferences and even their genetically motivated behaviors and personality type. Influences such as family health history, social determinants of health and lifestyle are all taken into consideration in creating a personalized wellbeing plan that reflects the whole person, leading to improved physical, mental, and emotional outcomes.

The new participant experience encourages engagement in regular emotional check-ins, features live, interactive 1:1 and group coaching and supports self-scheduling with Inspirators. By enhancing the backend technology of the platform, Newtopia is now able to increase its efficiencies including the participant to Inspirator ratio, a long-term goal of the Company as it broadens its market penetration. Activities and proprietary content are personalized to each participant’s unique health journey. The robust goals engine enables Inspirators to assign goals specific to each participant, while participants can also set their own personal goals at any time. Omnichannel nudges, communication and real-time data analytics are also all embedded into the experience. 

Results from Newtopia to date: 1 in 3 people lose 5% or more body weight, participants decrease their chronic disease risk by 14.5%, 31% see mental health improvements and 18% drop at least one BMI (Body Mass Index) class. Participants continue to share their enthusiasm for Newtopia with first-year engagement of 86% when behavioral economics are optimized, and Newtopia expects even higher engagement with the launch of its new and improved engagement platform. A randomized controlled trial sponsored by Aetna evaluating Newtopia demonstrated a $1,464 1st-year reduction in medical costs per participant on average which was endorsed by the Society of Actuaries.  

Newtopia experiences are customized for each health plan and employer to maximize adoption, engagement and whole health outcomes. Newtopia proudly offers value-based contracting. 

About Newtopia

Newtopia is a personalized whole health platform helping people create positive lifelong habits that prevent, slow, or reverse chronic disease while reducing healthcare costs. The platform leverages genetic, social and behavioral insights to create individualized prevention programs with a focus on metabolic disease, diabetes, mental health challenges, hypertension, weight management and musculoskeletal disorders. With a person-centered approach that combines virtual care, digital tools, connected devices and actionable data science, Newtopia delivers sustainable clinical and financial outcomes. Newtopia serves some of the largest nationwide employers and health plans and is currently listed in Canada on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSXV: NEWU) and is quoted in the US on the OTCQB® Venture Market (OTCQB: NEWUF). To learn more, visit newtopia.comFacebookLinkedIn or Twitter.

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