Newtopia Participant Shares Her Story
Newtopia Participant

Meet Newtopia Participant, April

In this video, you’ll hear from a Newtopia participant named April. For her entire life, April struggled with asthma. At one point, her symptoms were so severe that she was put on a steroid medication. The steroids caused her to experience constant cravings, weight gain, and changes to her mood – something she never wanted to experience again.
“I decided to start with what I can control, which was losing weight.”
After completing a wellness screening for her employer, April discovered Newtopia in a list of recommended programs. She decided to give it a try. Check out the video below to hear how April was able to lose 50 pounds, improve her asthma symptoms and feel more empowered than ever to achieve her health goals. Way to go April!

At Newtopia, we pride ourselves on engaging a wide range of individuals. Rather than focus solely on employees with specific diagnoses (like diabetes), our mission is to prevent the onset of chronic disease by striving to meet each participant where they are now. Our platform connects employees with a personality-matched Inspirator to help them on their journey and provides tools for tracking progress. Through a combination of biological, social and behavioral data, Newtopia is hyper-personalized to each individual’s needs and goals. The result? Dynamic accountability that helps folks make lifestyle changes that last – ultimately lowering their risk for chronic disease.