Newtopia Participant Shares His Journey to Eat Healthier and Exercise More
Newtopia participant shares his journey

Newtopia Participant Shares His Journey

Shon decided to join Newtopia’s program to get insight on how to eat healthier and exercise more. He felt that he needed someone to encourage him to do the right things, focus on the successes, learn from the mistakes, and practice good daily habits because he had struggled to remain accountable in the past.  

Key to Shon’s success was a better understanding of what his genetic predispositions are, being held accountable, and checking in weekly with his coach. In his feedback on Newtopia’s habit change program, Shon stated, “I like the weekly, regularly scheduled calls, along with the training resources, and scales! I know when I get on the scales, my Inspirator [coach] is going to see my results and that will drive our discussion. I don’t want to disappoint him. The accountability has really worked for me!” 

The Results 

Besides the incredible milestone of being 40 pounds lighter, Shon now makes more calculated decisions about how to eat, what to eat, when to eat, and how much. He is also more conscious of how much he exercises, and the importance of daily movement.  

Further, his annual wellness exam and bloodwork are exponentially better, and he has more energy.  

Shon feels that the combination of these things have improved his quality of life to the point that his attitude is more positive, his stress levels have come down (personally and professionally), and he enjoys being more active with his family. Shon didn’t always love going for a run with his wife or doing outdoor activities with his kids, but now that he is in better health he enjoys the challenge of being active.  

Last but not least, Shon is proud that he has had the opportunity to be a positive influence on his peers and colleagues. As a result of Shon’s impressive outcomes, others in his network have joined the Newtopia program.  

The positive shifts that Shon has experienced now fuel his desire to continue to stay focused and do better each and every day! 

Before & After 

Weight loss results with Newtopia


At Newtopia, we pride ourselves on engaging a wide range of individuals. Rather than focus solely on employees with specific chronic condition, our mission is to prevent the onset of chronic disease by striving to meet each participant where they are now. Our platform connects participants with a personality-matched Inspirator to help them on their journey and provides tools for tracking progress. Through a combination of genetics, social and behavioral data, Newtopia is hyper-personalized to each individual’s needs and goals. The result? Dynamic accountability that helps participants make lifestyle changes that last—ultimately lowering their risk for chronic disease.

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