Newtopia Releases Product Suite to Prevent, Reverse, and Slow the Progression of Chronic Disease within Large Employer and Health Plan Populations
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Newtopia’s Platform Now Offers Individualized Programs for Hypertension & Heart Health, Type 2 Diabetes and Weight Loss

TORONTOAug. 20, 2020 /CNW/ – Newtopia Inc. (TSXV: NEWU), a tech-enabled disease prevention company focused on healthy habit change, today announced it is offering an expanded product suite that targets hypertension, type 2 diabetes and weight. Preventing, reversing and slowing the progression of chronic conditions is a priority for employers, health plans and providers as the cost and productivity burden increases.

“Chronic disease is the leading cause of death and disability in the U.S. and cannot be ignored. By shifting focus to prevention and reversing diagnoses, we tackle the problem of chronic conditions before they become a costly and potentially deadly issue,” said Jeff Ruby, founder and CEO, Newtopia.

With a person-centered approach, Newtopia combines the best of human interaction, virtual care, digital tools, connected devices and actionable data science to deliver highly personalized programs that are proven to improve health and lower healthcare costs. In addition to its solution for lowering risk for metabolic syndrome, Newtopia delivers individualized support with the following programs:

  • Hypertension & Heart Health: Participants with prehypertension and hypertension develop sustainable habit changes with an emphasis on increased activity, nutrition recommendations from the DASH diet, smoking cessation (if necessary) and stress management.
  • Type 2 Diabetes Prevention: Designed to support prevention and progression of diabetes, the program is personalized for each participant to support the changes needed to improve health, reduce blood glucose and lower insulin resistance. Participants develop sustainable habit changes by adjusting nutrition and incorporating low glycemic foods, adding a daily routine of cardio and strength exercises, improving sleep and identifying triggers and ways to manage emotional eating.
  • Weight Management: Individuals who are obese learn about healthy food options and balanced macronutrients, receive education and tools related to insulin resistance and regular cardio and strength exercise. For participant’s mental health, they generate awareness around emotional eating and using food as a reward, focus on sleep and stress management, identify triggers and cope with challenges and receive guidance to support behavioral change.

“Now more than ever, it is vital for organizations to ensure the health and safety of their population. We are thrilled to offer these new programs for employers, health plans and providers that are looking for innovative and effective ways to support sustainable habit change.” said Jeff Ruby

“In today’s rapidly changing world, it is important to address our chronic disease situation, and also to leverage the power of technology and analytics. With the growing need for virtual solutions, Newtopia is able to offer its expanded product suite across a variety of digital channels, making it easy to meet people where they are and through their preferred communication method,” said Bill Van Wyck, chief technology officer, Newtopia. “By offering personalized digital experiences, participants are encouraged to stay engaged with our platform, resulting in improved health outcomes and a two times annual ROI for our clients.”

About Newtopia
Newtopia is a tech-enabled disease prevention company focused on healthy habit change. Newtopia’s platform leverages genetic, social and behavioral insights to create individualized prevention programs with a focus on type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke and weight. With a person-centered approach that combines virtual care, digital tools, connected devices and actionable data science, Newtopia delivers sustainable clinical and financial outcomes. Newtopia serves some of the largest nationwide employers and health plans. To learn more, visit

For further information: Chief Executive Officer: Jeff Ruby,; Media Contact: Rikki Bennie,, 1.888.639.8181 ext 208