Results: Aetna / Newtopia Habit Change Provider Randomized Controlled Trial
Person sitting down watching a webinar on a cell phone to learn about a habit change provider

Listen to the webinar with Dr. Gregory Steinberg, head of Clinical Innovation at Aetna, and Jeff Ruby, Founder and CEO of Newtopia as they discuss the results of the Aetna / Newtopia {habit change provider} Randomized Controlled Trial, published on October 17, 2015, in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine

Key findings include:

  • Reduction of medical costs by $1,464 per participant – showing a positive ROI in the first year
  • Sustained employee engagement of over 50% after the first year of the program
  • 76% of participants lost an average of more than 10lbs
  • Clinically significant reduction in Metabolic Syndrome risk factors from working with a habit change provider

The comprehensive Q & A session towards the end of the call answered many of the questions submitted. If you have a question please don’t hesitate to contact us directly at 1.888.639.8181

Listen to the webinar now to learn more about how a habit change provider, like Newtopia can help.


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