Privacy & Security Center

At Newtopia, we take privacy and security very seriously. It is necessary for you to protect your health and personal information while going through your Newtopia program.

We understand that there is an abundance of cyber fraud and theft, and we encourage you to be aware of your rights and what you need to do to protect yourself, and your family while enjoying the Newtopia experience.

Security Tips

  1. Before clicking emails that claim to be from Newtopia, verify the sender is a sender.
  2. Hover over the link and ensure that the link refers you to a site.
  3. If unsure, please reach out to your Coach or Client care.
  4. Newtopia will never ask you for your password.
  5. Newtopia will not disclose your PHI or PII to anyone other than you, and you will need to sign a form to disclose your information. We will notify you of this disclosure in an email.
  6. We understand that at the end of your program, you may want to purge your PHI/PII, we will provide you with a form you will need to complete and sign. We will send you a notification when the process has been completed.

, Security

To know how we collect and what we use your information for, we have detailed this in our privacy policy here.

, Security

If you suspect that your information at Newtopia has been tampered with or to report a security concern, please help us report it below.

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