Susan’s Story
healthy foods, running shoes, yoga equipment, and notebook for healthy lifestyle

, Susan’s StoryThroughout her Newtopia experience, Susan has developed healthy habits that she’s confident about. Susan has enjoyed the encouragement from her Newtopia Inspirator. Hear more about Susan’s Newtopia journey in her own words and in her testimonial video!

Newtopia Ambassador, Susan

I have better eating habits and I’ve achieved weight loss. I’m making sure I have the proper amount of fruits, vegetables, good fats, and of course portion control. I am more confident in my eating habits and lifestyle change. Although I have put on a few pounds with the pandemic and change in lifestyle working from home, I know what I am supposed to do and try to keep up the good habits I’ve learned from Newtopia.

Yes, I would recommend Newtopia. I feel it is a great program. There is no pressure and if you are motivated like I am, it is an easy change to make your eating habits and life change for the better. Both of my Inspirators have been great. There is no judgement if you gain a little, but they work with you where you are in your life and give you tools to think about. They are encouraging and full of great knowledge. This program works if you are motivated to change your bad habits for good. Thank you both for your encouragement and direction.

Newtopia inspires healthy habit change through personalized one-on-one coaching. Coaching can provide the guidance, support, motivation, and accountability you need to achieve your health goals. You’ll learn to eat healthier, stay active, lower your stress, and lose weight to become your best self. With a focus on nutrition, exercise, and well-being, we’ll help you build healthy habits to achieve lasting good health. 

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