Tanya’s Story
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, Tanya’s Story

Tanya has achieved many impressive health goals with the support of her Newtopia Inspirator. She has improved her biometric results, developed a daily exercise routine, refined her nutrition habits, and lost 50 pounds in less than a year! Learn more about Tanya’s amazing transformation in her own words and in her testimonial video.

, Tanya’s Story

What motivated you to join Newtopia?

I wanted to improve my biometric results, but I’ve achieved so much more. It’s amazing what this program has done to improve my life!

What healthy habits have you developed throughout your Newtopia experience?

I’m eating and cooking healthier with food I love. I exercise daily and feel amazing inside and out. I get asked daily: what is my secret? What diet am I on? I just was asked this week if I got gastric bypass surgery!

How has Newtopia changed your life?

I feel Newtopia saved my life as I’ve been obese my entire life and yo-yo dieting – I’ve done every diet on the market. I went to my doctor appointment last week. My biometrics are the best he has seen! Within a year I went from obese with numerous medical conditions – fast forward to today, with no medical conditions and I lost 50 pounds of fat. I look and feel amazing! I went from a jeans size 32 to 26, and exercise clothes from XL to XS. I have so much energy. Exercising is now a daily routine!

My coach Sarah shared so many amazing tips. She sends me weekly webinars to attend, and sends powerful readings that make the difference. She helped me to find a healthy way of living that works for me and is not costing me any money. I’m truly blessed that Levi provides all of us with these amazing life changing opportunities!!

Would you recommend Newtopia?

Yes! Sarah, my Inspirator, is nothing but amazing. She sends me videos and gives me helpful tips. What may seem little, actually makes a huge difference. I share these resources with my colleagues, and we compete daily and love this program. We are a new healthier team; this is a positive outlook for us daily!

Newtopia inspires healthy habit change through personalized one-on-one coaching. Coaching can provide the guidance, support, motivation, and accountability you need to achieve your health goals. You’ll learn to eat healthier, stay active, lower your stress, and lose weight to become your best self. With a focus on nutrition, exercise, and well-being, we’ll help you build healthy habits to achieve lasting good health. 

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