Tom’s Story
healthy foods, running shoes, yoga equipment, and notebook for healthy lifestyle

Newtopia Ambassador, TomTom has enjoyed working with his Newtopia Inspirator to improve his healthy habits. Throughout Tom’s journey, his Inspirator has given motivation and helpful suggestions. Even though Tom was “fairly healthy” before Newtopia, he has been able to “develop an even better system.” Hear more about Tom’s Newtopia experience in his own words or in his testimonial video!

Newtopia Ambassador, Tom

My main objective was to get a better understanding of how to live a healthier lifestyle. With the help of my Newtopia health coach, I feel I am getting closer to achieving my goal.

I had always thought I had fairly healthy habits with food and exercise, however Newtopia has helped me develop an even better system. Before Newtopia I was only maintaining my weight, now I am losing weight and feeling much healthier and stronger.

I have been recommending Newtopia. Why? Because the staff are very knowledgeable about nutrition, exercise, and they provide motivation to keep me going. Thank you for helping me obtain my goals. It was much easier with support. I appreciate how you analyzed my daily morning smoothie and made suggestions on how to make it even healthier.

Newtopia inspires healthy habit change through personalized one-on-one coaching. Coaching can provide the guidance, support, motivation, and accountability you need to achieve your health goals. You’ll learn to eat healthier, stay active, lower your stress, and lose weight to become your best self. With a focus on nutrition, exercise, and well-being, we’ll help you build healthy habits to achieve lasting good health.  

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