More than Magic: Sustainable Habit Change for Better Health
habit change

Tracey’s Habit Change Story

Tracey, an employee at a healthcare organization, was offered the chance to participate in Newtopia’s health and well-being prografrom her employer. She joined the program with the sole goal of losing weight. “I was looking for a magic bullet, whatever that might turn out to be,” she said. “I have achieved that goal, not with a magic bullet, but with a carefully executed plan to change the way I live, which has been the most successful plan I’ve ever tried.” Tracey explains that it was her Inspirator (Newtopia’s term for a coach), who provided support and encouraged accountability on her habit change journey. “She helped me to not berate myself if I made an error, but rather to just go back to my clean healthy eating, which has ended the self-abuse of my previous failures.” According to Tracey, having a dedicated coach has made all the difference. “She believed in me when initially I didn’t believe in myself!”  


“This has been one of the best experiences of my life. I feel as though a lifetime of programming related to food, exercise and diet was changed over time with my Inspirator’s assistance. I looked forward to our calls, and she knew just when we needed to increase the call frequency as I went through rough patches.” 


While Tracey initially embraced the Newtopia program in order to lose weight, she has also developed habits that have led to other health improvements. “I have developed the habit of exercising nearly every day and I’m always thinking about ways to increase my movement,” she said. Another benefit has been improved sleep habits. “I have a set bedtime that I follow now and have learned to embrace my rest and sleep time.” Tracey also says she now regularly consumes at least 12 cups of water a day, sometimes more.  


“Newtopia has empowered me to make healthier choices and to eat as a fuel, not to support my emotions or just because it tastes good. I have developed an awareness of how food can actually affect my moods and make me sluggish or depressed. I now eat to overall feel energetic.” 


Tracey says that along with losing weight, she has also improved her biometrics. “I was about to go on another medication for my diabetes but didn’t have to due to the work I’ve accomplished on the Newtopia program.” Tracey sees this as a huge accomplishment, one that has pleased her physician as well.  


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