5 Ways to Stay Hydrated
clear glass pitcher of lemon water
Are you drinking enough water?

In the summer heat, it’s important to think about how much water we drink! It can be hard to get enough hydration in the day. Follow these five tips to incorporate more H2O into your day.

1. Choose a water bottle that you love, and refill it each time it gets empty. You’ll be surprised how much more water you’ll drink when you’re sipping in style.

2. Use cues from your routine to help you drink water! Before each meal, when you wake up in the morning, and when you go to bed, try having a full glass of water.

3. If you’re getting bored of drinking so much water, try flavored options!

  • Put citrus like lemons, lime, oranges, or grapefruit in your glass.
  • Steep some fruity herbal tea bags in ice water to make iced tea.
  • Add in fresh herbs like rosemary or mint into your water to make it delicious


4. Set a reminder for yourself every hour to have a sip (or glass) of water. This could be a timer, a note, or alert in your calendar.

5. Vegetables have a high water content! To stay hydrated without drinking water, have some fresh veggies like cucumber, celery, or peppers as a healthy snack.

Stay cool and hydrated all summer long! Talk with your Inspirator about ways to incorporate more water into your day. Book your next session using the Newtopia app or contact clientcare@newtopia.com / 1.888.639.8181 ex. 601 for assistance.