A Whole Person Approach that Makes Healthy Habits a Way of Life

Newtopia combines innovative technology with personal health coaches, called Inspirators, to help people develop healthy habits that are proven to prevent, slow, and reverse chronic disease – and that can be sustained.

Available as an employee or health plan benefit, Newtopia is easy to implement, scalable, and proven to help. Because we focus on each individual’s unique needs, goals, and personality, including physical and emotional well-being, participants stay engaged and move with enthusiasm toward developing healthier lives.

The Personalized Newtopia Experience
Support Every Step of the Way

Personal Profile

We create a complete profile of each participant based on a “whole person” online assessment, including personality, goals, motivation level, readiness to change, and social determinants of health.

Genetic Analysis

An optional simple cheek swab helps us understand genetic predispositions toward overeating, gaining weight, metabolizing caffeine, and more, enabling us to make the most appropriate personal recommendations for behavior change.

Dedicated Health Coach

Using a proprietary algorithm, we pair each participant with the Inspirator best suited to their needs and personality (with 99% success). More than an instructor, this dedicated health coach meets one-on-one by video chat, text, phone, or email to guide, motivate, inform, and inspire.

Customized Plan

Each participant follows a customized plan created just for them, outlining the steps necessary to achieve goals such as losing weight, lowering cholesterol, managing diabetes, improving mental well-being, and living a healthier life!

Smart Tech Tools

Every participant receives a Welcome Kit with a customized set of smart digital tools to track progress and stay on top of daily goals, including a wearable activity tracker and digital scale, as well as a library of online content.

Mobile/Web App

Inspirators share daily goals, tips, video lessons, and encouragement via our easy-to-use mobile/web app. Participants use the app and our proprietary Habit Change Index to set goals and track their progress in real-time as they become their healthiest selves!

How Newtopia Works

CDC-Accredited and Clinically Proven through Randomized Controlled Trials

Evidence-based and grounded in science, Newtopia is proven to help prevent, slow, and reverse the progression of type 2 diabetes, obesity, heart disease, musculoskeletal issues, anxiety & depression, and other chronic illness. In fact, 70% of participants lose weight, 31% see a mental health improvement, and clients experience a 14.5% decrease in metabolic severity risk among participants.

How is Newtopia Different?

Newtopia focuses on developing sustainable, healthy habits through clinically proven behavior change. It is not a weight loss diet, quick-fix “solution,” or short-term panacea. Participants manage their progress and recognize their achievements using Newtopia’s proprietary Habit Change Index (HCI). The HCI leverages a constellation of data regarding activity level, sleep, stress, meals, mood, coaching sessions, goal adherence, and more to provide participants with true visibility into their momentum. Chronic disease risk decreases. Healthy living increases.

Newtopia Programs


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