Real Newtopia Success Stories

How Healthy Habits Changed Participants Lives

Lowering Tanya’s Blood Pressure

“Even my doctor is blown away! It’s translated to everything – my lifestyle at home, my lifestyle at work. My coach Sarah shared so many amazing tips. She assisted me to find a healthy way of living that works for me.”

How Tracey is Controlling Diabetes

“I attribute this program to keeping me off of insulin for my diabetes. Certainly it is keeping it in control for me. Without the goals I had set,…I can’t imagine where I would be during this pandemic.”

Weight Loss Success for Tom

“I always thought I had fairly healthy habits with food and exercise. However, Newtopia has helped me develop an even better system. Now I am losing weight and feeling much healthier and stronger.”

Supporting Danielle During Challenging Times

“My Inspirator was able to get me through very difficult, challenging times. I’m grateful he has shown me to be proud of my current progress. I’ve seen quite a difference and not just in my physical being.”

Reducing Chronic Risk for Cody

“When I started I had at least two, sometimes three, metabolic syndrome markers. I don’t have a single one now.”

How Yvonne’s Hip Pain Disappeared

“Newtopia has given me the push I needed to make small changes that have a big impact. Healthy living is for the long haul, not a quick fix. With the help of my Inspirator, I am so empowered.”

Enhancing Nicole’s Emotional Wellbeing

“It’s not just about having a healthy weight, a healthy body…it’s about having a healthy mind, too.”


“My blood pressure is down and my energy levels are up. I feel good about my body now and feel that it looks great!”


“I’ve gone from taking 14 prescribed medications to 1. I have not been able to be on the floor to get myself up for 20 years, and I can do that now.”


My clothing is too big, which is great, and I am at a weight that I haven’t been at in 10 years.”


“I am the smallest and the healthiest I have ever been as an adult. I don’t even recognize myself anymore!”


“So far, I’ve lost a total of 40lbs, and have recommended this program to any co-worker who want to listen to me brag about Newtopia!”


“I am no longer on the verge of needing cholesterol or blood pressure medication. My doctor can’t believe my results!”


“Information can be powerful! I found the genetic piece to be unique and really helpful in helping me lose over 20lbs.”


“You talk to real people who understand life. It just feels like I made a friend who seems to really care about my health without being pushy and overbearing.”


“Heart disease, stroke, and diabetes run rampant in my family and losing all this weight has caused my risk factors to drop significantly.”

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