Personal Coaches Who Motivate, Guide, Encourage, and Support!

Newtopia Inspirators provide dedicated one-on-one coaching to help participants create healthy habits that last! Each health coach has received specialized training under the leadership of Newtopia’s world-class experts in the fields of nutrition, exercise, genetics, behavioral science, and mental health. And they offer encouragement, guidance, and support every step of the way!

Meet Some of Our Team


“Health and fitness have given my life clarity and direction. I hope to help others pull out their own strengths, step into their greatness, and realize that it all starts with the beliefs they hold in their mind.”


“Focusing on health and nutrition these past few years has been life changing. This personal experience is what drives me to inspire my participants to achieve not only a healthier body, but a healthy mind to meet the demands of their busy lives.”


“My passion is truly helping people find their version of optimal health by providing them with the support to understand their self-worth, build their confidence, and gain strength to make changes.”


‘“Living a well-rounded, healthy life ‘Newtopia style’ has helped me become a better, happier person. Helping others achieve the same feeling of happiness and fulfillment is more rewarding than a post-run adrenaline rush!”


“A game-changer for me was seeing how important the support of others can be, whether family, friends or a coach. Sharing goals, especially when you’re struggling or busy, can make all the difference.”


“I have made it my habit and daily practice to laugh, smile, love, and find beauty in everything. In inspiring my participants to try this formula, I am, in turn, inspired by their resilience, wisdom, and dedication toward their loved ones.”

Our Inspirators help participants create healthy lives one step at a time!

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