Lower Healthcare Risks and Costs by Creating Sustainable Healthy Habits

With Newtopia, your employees develop lifelong healthy habits that are proven to prevent, reverse, and slow the progression of chronic disease, while reducing your company’s risks and costs.

A Healthier Workforce
Means a Healthier
Bottom Line

Through hyper-personalized, one-on-one coaching, custom plans, and digital toolkits, your employees can lose weight, manage blood pressure, lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels, avoid future illness, and improve their mental health (including mood, energy, and other performance influencers).


savings per participant in Year One, with more than 2X ROI

Prevent Illness

Prevent, reverse, and slow type 2 diabetes, obesity, heart disease, musculoskeletal issues, anxiety and depression and more – and the associated costs

Increase Savings

Target areas for savings and health improvements across your population

Improve Employee
Satisfaction and Retention

When you offer Newtopia as an employee benefit, you help create healthy habits that can improve your employees’ physical and emotional wellbeing, reducing burnout, increasing resilience, and minimizing the costs of low productivity, absenteeism, and presenteeism.

76% Y1 Engagement

A program employees love, with 76% Y1 Engagement, 56% in Year 2


Scalable, engagement-based pricing – pay for usage, not per member per month

How Newtopia Works

Optimize Benefits with a Proven, Scalable Solution

We work closely with you on a customized plan to maximize employee adoption and engagement. In addition, our Inspirators can promote utilization of other benefits and healthcare services, such as recommending health screenings or encouraging follow-ups.

Accountability via quarterly population reports

– with performance and outcome guarantees

How Much Can You Save with Newtopia?

How many employees are at your company?

Move the slider to indicate how many employees are at your company. The estimated cost is based on 50% of your employees developing metabolic disease, costing an additional $2000 per employee. The estimated savings are based on the proven cost savings identified in the randomized controlled trial ($1,464).

The benefits you will experience far exceed the dollar savings. Newtopia will help each participant achieve sustainable healthy habit changes. You will be helping your employees prevent, reverse, and slow the progression of chronic disease.

Easy to implement and seamlessly integrated with other vendor solutions.

A Personal Habit Change Index that Tracks and Inspires!

Newtopia focuses on developing sustainable, healthy habits through clinically proven behavior change. It is not a weight loss diet, quick-fix “solution,” or short-term panacea. Participants manage their progress and recognize their achievements using Newtopia’s proprietary Habit Change Index (HCI). The HCI leverages a constellation of data regarding activity level, sleep, stress, meals, mood, coaching sessions, goal adherence, and more to provide participants with true visibility into their momentum. Chronic disease risk decreases. Healthy living increases.

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