Healthy Habits that Last

While most of healthcare emphasizes post-illness “sick care,” Newtopia focuses on keeping healthy people healthy, preventing at-risk populations from falling prey to the onset or worsening of chronic disease.

We offer a seamless blend of hyper-personalized coaching, behavioral genetics, digital tools, remote monitoring data, habit-change content, and a state-of-the-art app. With Newtopia, physical and mental health risks are mitigated, driving significant costs savings that increase over time – for individuals, employers, and health plans.

Unique in Every Way

A health plan/employer benefit proven to prevent, slow, and reverse type 2 diabetes, obesity, heart disease, musculoskeletal issues, anxiety, and other chronic diseases

A clinically proven, whole person approach for creating long-term healthy habits

Dedicated Inspirators who inform, guide, encourage, and support

A hyper-personalized approach based on genetic, social, behavioral, and mental health insights

Predictive view: Not just managing risks and health challenges, avoiding them

A proprietary, personalized Habit Change Index that monitors progress and provides inspiration

Scalable, engagement-based pricing, with performance and clinical outcome guarantees

Referrals and reminders related to other care paths, such as annual screenings

How Newtopia Works

Better Daily Choices for Healthier Daily Living

Newtopia focuses on developing sustainable, healthy habits through clinically proven behavior change. It is not a weight loss diet, quick-fix “solution,” or short-term panacea. Participants manage their progress and recognize their achievements using Newtopia’s proprietary Habit Change Index (HCI). The HCI leverages a constellation of data regarding activity level, sleep, stress, meals, mood, coaching sessions, goal adherence, and more to provide participants with true visibility into their momentum. Chronic disease risk decreases. Healthy living increases.

HCI: Personal Progress Tracking and Inspiration

The HCI employs a proprietary algorithm to calculate a specific value for each participant, highlighting progress toward desired goals over time. For example, participants who track their meals and mental state while regularly working with an Inspirator will witness a higher HCI; those with reduced activity or missing sessions will see a decline. This allows participants to clearly see that their choices are improving, their habits are changing, and their success is within reach.

Approximately 80% of the US population has at least one main risk factor for chronic disease. We address them all.

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