Insight from Genetic Testing Guides Food Choices
healthy food choices for weight loss

Nicole’s Lifestyle Change Story

When her father died of a heart attack at the age of just 56 years old, Nicole realized she needed to make some changes in her life – not just to lose weight, but to live a healthier life for herself and her family. With the help of her Newtopia Inspirator, Nisha, and genetic testing as part of the Newtopia program, Nicole learned what she needed to fuel her body and see the results she wanted.

“At my highest weight, I felt hopeless that I was stuck in a body that I wasn’t happy in. Through the Newtopia program and the encouraging coaching of my Inspirator, I learned how to get out of that slump.”

Armed with knowledge gained through genetic testing, Nicole began to make better choices about what she was putting into her body. She said, “Instead of the bag of M&Ms for 260 calories, I can have banana and a yogurt and feel much fuller.” Making intentional daily choices for what she used as fuel for her body, Nicole not only lost unwanted weight, but gained new confidence.

“The genetic test helped me understand what foods I needed to be more successful on my journey. I always thought just cutting out carbs would lead to weight loss and tried that in the past. My genetic testing showed me that I actually needed those carbs, healthy ones, in my diet.”

While it took losing her father to a heart attack to realize she needed to make a change in her life, Nicole has seen her own lifestyle changes positively affect other loved ones around her. “I was able to share what I learned with my 17-year-old son, which led to his 65-pound weight loss,” she said. Nicole’s big changes for herself as a Newtopia participant have certainly caused a positive ripple effect for others in her life to join her on a journey toward better health.

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